YJIT Benchmarks

YJIT metrics from the yjit-bench suite as of 2024-07-23 using Ruby 6770bb4a8cb

Using the geomean of the headline benchmarks for x86 YJIT 3.4.0dev is
  • 77.6% faster than CRuby 3.4.0dev
  • 1.0% faster than YJIT 3.3.3
On railsbench it is
  • 77.6% faster than CRuby 3.4.0dev
  • 2.0% slower than YJIT 3.3.3

YJIT Results Over Time

  •    x86_64 railsbench   
  •    x86_64 optcarrot   
  •    x86_64 liquid-render   
  •    x86_64 activerecord   
Y axis values are the total number of seconds to run the benchmark one time - lower is better.

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